The dignified and direct treatment with the producer and the ingredient that results from this relationship is the starting point of Donostia's dishes. We look forward to serving you with the best of the countryside at our tables.

Our tapa selection

It is very important for us to work with local market products. We look for suppliers that offer us the best of our country's produce. Take a look at our selection board where you will find available tapas. They complement your table's order and are ideal and ready to be shared.


Trout tartare

Potatoe omelette

With paipa cheese

Our tapa selection

  • Native potatoes $14.900

  • Starred with black pudding $13.900

  • Garbanzos langostinos $28.600

  • Mozzarella artichokes $25.900

  • Rabbit enchilado rice $17.900

  • Pork belly with beer $22.900

  • San Ubatense cheese with pineapple $29.100

  • Beef shoulder $29.900


  • Pork tacos grazing with roasted pineapples $23.200

  • Bird pate with pickled cucumbers $19.300

  • Lamb shoulder with radishes and goose $23.600


  • Organic beet soup $15.700

    Chunks of avocado and milk cream

  • Peasant minestrone soup $15.700

    With pearl barley

  • Mushroom salad with creamy artichoke dressing $19.900

    With cauliflower carimañolas (fritters)and dill-pickled squash. Pumpkin seeds

  • Fresh and grilled heart of palm salad $18.400

    With green bean antipasto, avocado and squash purée. Yacon (tuber) and yogurt dressing

  • Green tortelli filled with ricotta and chard $24.300

    Fresh heart of palm. Sietecueros cheese and dried tomato pesto

  • Ravioli filled with sour cream $25.100

    With confitted chontos and pork sausage from Antioquia



Wrapped in grilled bijao leaves

Roasted pear

With crumble



Artisan cheeses


Trout tartare


Fresh artisanal fishing from the Pacific

Mozzarella artichokes


With sausage

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